TechnoVE - Feature request

Great job to the Team on releasing this Integration.

One suggestion on future functionality would be the addition of a switch to control the max current output of the charging station. In the App, there is the possibility to adjust the output from 8-48A but it is static function.

My use case, is with a limited 200A electrical panel, sometime the total charge gets to be problematic, specially in the winter with high household demand. It would be great to be able to reduce the charging rate via automation, either by season, time of day or total household demand dynamically.

Thanks in advance for considering.


Thanks for the comments, @Velcro22 !

I made the integration :slight_smile: I’m not part of TechnoVE, simply a customer that also wanted an integration.

Sorry for responding so late. I want to add more features to the integration, I just didn’t get time to work on it for the past months.

Technically, it should be possible for the integration to do everything the app does