Teckin SB50's running ESPHome - some flickering, dropping off the network...?

I’ve got around a dozen Teckin SB50 RGBWW bulbs, all flashed using Tuya-convert and then over to ESPHome. I’m using the basic config from the ESPHome cookbook with only minor changes:


So overall these work great, I’ve had a lot of fun with them, however two of them, and now a third, have started flickering and then going dark while also dropping off the network. After a short while, they usually come back, but I’ve just replaced them as this behavior is unacceptable.

I’ve opened a couple up and suspected maybe aging capacitors, bad cooling, cold solder joints or some other typical problems I’ve encountered with mass-produced electronics might be at play, but I could not find anything to indicate such a problem.

Has anyone else had such an experience with these?

Am I S.O.L.?

Are there better smart bulbs that I can run with ESPHome but will last longer?