Tekmar 564 integration with HA

Hi, I have a tekmar 564 thermostat. It seems to work with their app only, I reached out to them to see if they allow local control - they don’t.

I learned that this is an Azure device. Because they asked my ISP whether their DNS supports the following endpoints when I had connectivity problems:


Is there anything which can be done to get this connected to home assistant?

Opening the thermostat I learned that the connectivity chip is an esp32-c3-mini-1. I don’t want to solder on it because it’s my only thermostat and don’t want to freeze.



For you and anyone else that’s a Tekmar Customer, I would suggest asking the mfgr to look into the works with home assistant program to see if their API would be compatible with HA.

Introducing the Works with Home Assistant program - Home Assistant.

The more of their customers that request this, the more likely it would happen…

Thanks. I will reach out to them.

Just in case anyone is searching the same, this is for the following thermostats:

Tekmar 561
Tekmar 562
Tekmar 563
Tekmar 564
Tekmar 564B
Sunstat Connect
Sunstat Connect+
Sunstat Command
Tekmar 670
Tekmar 671

I’ve asked their support team before and they are aware of home assistant but said they don’t plan to open their API or make an integration.

It’s the only thing I have where I’m forced to use their app for any changes or even updates.