Telegram bot: not getting telegram_text events from groups

Hi, I have a telegram_bot set up connected to a group. I would like to be able to scan group messages for keywords, but I am not getting any telegram_text events from the group.

Whenever I send a command to the group (anything starting with /) I see a telegram_command event fire. Whenever I send just normal text to the group, I don’t get a telegram_text event. However, when I send regular text directly to the bot, I get a telegram_text event.

Does the telegram_text event only fire when talking directly to the bot?

this is my relevant telegram_bot config:

  - platform: polling
    api_key: !secret telegram_key
      - !secret telegram_id_me
      - !secret telegram_id_family_group

I was able to solve my own problem. Putting the solution here in case anyone needs it in the future.

I needed to talk to @botfather in telegram and change the privacy settings

/setprivacy - > your bot - >Disable

By default, bots are only subscribed to / commands and direct messages. Once you disable the privacy settings, they will receive all group messages.

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Thanks for sharing the solution. I’m just getting started with Telegram, so I’m sure you probably have saved me some time. :wink: