Telegram bot not giving notification sound/view on iphone and apple watch

So the problem is that, while I do receive my telegram messages on low battery alerts via the telegram_bot.send_message service, I do not get any sound/vibration neither on my iphone nor my apple watch. They also do not show up in the notification center. I triple checked, both telegram and ios settings are set to notifications on, with sound, always (even with locked screen). I only get the sound if I have my phone unlocked and am in the Telegram app. Still nothing on my watch though. If my screen is unlocked, but my app is running in the background, I only get the notification count icon change, no sound or vibrate.

I tried googling with no luck. If anybody could help me, I would very much appreciate it. I want to setup charging complete notifications, as well as washing machine done notification, and without the sound and/or vibrate its completely useless. Thank you.

Can you share the code for the messages that you sent using the service?
There is a disable_notification setting for the telegram_bot.send_message service. Maybe you have set that to true? Do you get sound/vibrations when receiving messages from other Telegram users?

It is set to false by default. I just use the title and message settings. I tried adding disable_notification: false, and that did not help. Other messages used to work fine, but since you asked I asked wife to message me and it is the same situation - no sound or vibrate or notification. I also tried to uninstall/install the app, reset settings and so on. I am starting to think its an iOS problem.

Then it’s indeed an iOS setting and not related to the telegram_bot.send_message settings in HA.