Telegram Bot Prompt

How would I go about making my telegram bot automations prompt me for input…

  • Telegram app:
    • I type /say
  • HA:
    • Automation gets triggered by the telegram_bot and sees the command /say and replies with prompt (eg, 'What would you like to say?)
  • Telegram app:
    • Prompt displays “What would you like to say?”
    • I reply by typing message “Hello”
  • HA:
    • Automation gets this reply and proceeds to send this text to a TTS service

Now I know I could just take any text received by the bot and send it to the TTS service, but I would like to avoid accidental speeches when typing something in the bot.
It needs to only send the text immediately after a specific command (in this case /say)

Hope I’m making sense… and I hope someone can help

user fstof solved this here:

LOL, Thanks @GMFalka
That is what I currently have, and works fine. That is a one step process… I was more looking for a two step solution.

  1. State the command
  2. Provide the input

The idea is that I have a persistent keyboard available in Telegram with all available commands, when I tap one of them It then prompts for input (if the command requires it)

Ups, didnt see you are the same user as OP :smiley:

Still no solution?