Telegram config

I have set up a Telegram bot and am successfully sending messages to it that are coming to my phone via HA.

I have another user who has now also added the same bot to their Telegram app and they can chat to it. I cannot however find the chat ID for them so that HA can direct it’s messages to them.

When I do:

I get:


I have been at this for hours!
Can anyone help please?

Hi how did you set up the chat ? Like sending messages to HA via telegram? I am struggling with that.


From their telegram send a message to @myidbot (or something similar) , and it returns the chat id.

@bachoo786 I haven’t set it up as a two way thing yet but getting HA to talk to Telegram was fairly straight forward. Except it’s not… :slight_smile:
The Telegram end seems quite poorly documented on the entire internet but if you can get all the api keys and chat ids etc then it is simple.

@anon43302295 I finally worked something out before I saw your message here but I think I can offer a bonus tip! If you set it up in HA and use a dummy chat_id with everything else set up correctly at the Telegram end then the HA error seems to include the chat id you were aiming at. I hope that makes sense?

At least I think that is what happened. It was one of those situations where I had tried so many things I was not sure if I was coming or going.