Telegram, motionEye and the location of video files

I’ve been struggling with this for days and hope someone can help.

I’m using motionEye to record video files from a usb camera when it detects motion. Now I want to send the video files to Telegram. I just can’t figure out how to tell Telegram the location of the files.
Motioneye is saving the video files to Motioneye Media/Add-on/Camera1/Movies/2024-04-24/ 'time of record.mp4

My automation.yaml file is like this

  • service: telegram_bot.send_video
    authentication: digest
    caption: Video recorded
    file: /Motion eye Media.Add/Add-on/Camera1/Movies/ )this is where I’m stuck)
    enabled: true

I realise I somehow have to enter the date and time of record so automation.yaml knows where to find the latest file but I just can’t get my head around how to do it.

I should add that I can successfully send video files to Telegram from other directories if I manually put them there.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Home Assistant Core 2024.3.3 on a Raspberry Pi3.