Telegram Services: Using telegram_bot.send_message vs. Notify.Telegram

Hi all!

I recently switched to Telegram notifications, and I’m loving how much more options it has vs html5 and pushbullet. I am working on dozens of automations/scripts for it but can’t seem to understand the difference between using telegram_bot.send_message service or the standard notify service? They are configured very differently but work the exact same way as far as I know. The only difference I was able to find between the two is the ability to disable an alert/sound when a message is sent using the “disable_notification” attribute with telegram_bot.send_message, which I find pretty useful for lowkey notifications.

Do you know of any other differences that I might encounter between the two (speed, efficiency, more options, etc…)?


As I understand it, it is basically the same, but the notify service is just a bit quicker and easier to code for simple outgoing messages to a pre-specified target (where the pre-specification is in your notify section of your configuration.yaml .

The send_message service has extra options as you say, and I find that more useful as part of two-way conversations, but it’s basically just personal preference.

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