Telegram web app

Hi. I am using telegram for all my notification from HA, QNAP NAS and remote machines.
Few time ago Telegram lounched telegram_webapp.

I’ve tried to add my hassio link to my notify bot and in desktop telegram client it works as expected, but at android client after authentication telegram redirect to default browser or open it at inapp browser. No popup window, no magic.

OK, after that i created new user, configure trusted network/user (I decided avoid auth page), and how you could guess it didn’t work. I got message do you want open 'link' and redirect to new window.

I have no idea how avoid redirect and open dashboard directly.

But at all i hope it will be possible to open my dashboard from android/ios telegram popup, asociate no_admin hass user with telegram chat_id (login bypass in tg web app).

What do you think?