Telerupteur Custom Component Intergration

I’ve just released a new custom integration for “telerupteur” (in french ;-))
it creates a light entity with on/off capability.
Telerupteurs are bistable relays used in home to control lights from multipoints with push buttons.
This integration emulate the push button, and get a feeback from the light.
That way, you can plug relays on telerupteurs without having to modify your electrical installation. And if your domotic system did not work for any reason, you still have lights at home :wink: and the wife acceptance factor can only increase !

This component will set up the following platforms.

Platform Description
light Light control with a telerupteur.


  1. Add this repository to HACS.
  2. Click install.

Configuration is done in the configuration.yaml

- platform: telerupteur
    name: Lumiere Chambre1
    light_command: switch.dolightchambre1
    light_state: binary_sensor.dilightchambre1

Required hardware to use this integration

  • Telerupteur to control lights with push buttons
  • 24Vdc to 230Vac relay to control the telerupteur, this relay is wired like a push button
  • 230Vac to 24vdc relay to get the light status, this relay is wired like a light


I’m Belgian, but for everyone, it’s helpful if i speak English, instead of French.
I found your component, without hope, and i have exactly the same setup at home.
I have push-button connected in 24AC to the relays, giving 230AC to my lights.
I have almost 25 different lights in my house, everyone in a separate relay (bipolar) or with 4in1 (unipolar) relay
Do you found a specially “cheap” solution for many relays ? Or you took a relay for each light ?

Thanks for the answer,


I simply attached a Tasmotized Sonoff 4CH Pro in ‘pulse mode’ on the button side of the teleruptor, and a Tasmotized Sonoff Basic in parallel with the lights. Sonoff Basic is on= lights are on. Sonoff Basic is unavailable= lights are off. So no custom integration used.

Hello Laurent,
I’m using an industrial modbus tcp controller with IO’s on 24VDC.
I’m also using relays from phoenix contact to convert 24VDC to 230VAC and 230VAC to 24VDC
In my specs, I was looking for a hard wired solution, I have absolutely no trust in wireless solutions like sonoff (I’m using it for temperature sensors and this is enough).

Hey guys, i find that cool. Im not the only one that is doing this. However i still havent finalized my installation.
I am using and arduino with mqtt to send pulse to the telerupteur switch lines using some 5v to 230v relay. but so far i got no feedback from my lights.

Here is some of my thoughts to achieve feedback.

I could use the arduino Inputs and wire a coil around every light lines. that way i would get feedback directly in my arduino program. Using analog 5v inputs

Another solution would be to tape on little magnets on the telerupteur manual switch and tape on a little magnetic switch so i could retrieve the state of the manual switch on the telerupteur. All of that using a 5v circuit of course

And another solution would be to use a camera and try to write a program that use computer vision to check the telerupteur manual switch state. But that one seems like a bad idea. Ambiant light can be a problem. Latency too.

Please let me know what you guys think or if you got better solution. I am trying to avoid adding too many wires to the current installation and using the safest way so i thinks its better to use 5v solutions. Im not rely convince by the 230v to 5v relay. It feels a bit dangerous and expensive, also quite hard to put in place.

Hi. Did you find a solution ? Quick question: you already had latching relays (telerupteur :slight_smile: ) and wanted to automate them or did you setup those relays ? Asking because I trying to take design decisions on the same problem. Thanks

Hi. Quick (stupid) question: how do you connect the digital input and digital output to the ‘telerupteur’ component ? Thanks