Teletask - integration component design advice required

Fellow integrator!

I’m trying to make an implementation for the Teletask component (which is a closed source Belgian Home Automation Platform). Did already do some efforts in the past trying to integrate it (based myself roughly upon the KNX integration module).

However couple of months ago I tried submitting a version for pull request, but it was rejected because of 2 design decisions (The future of YAML - Home Assistant)

  • Integration needed to implement config_flow
  • Platforms cannot longer be used to specify Config Entities

I’m struggling to find a way to implement this integration keeping in mind that we have these 2 issues.

  1. Config Flow is implemented (so dynamic add via UI is ok)
  2. Entities are not “queryable from the backend”, the proprietary home automation protocol does not offer the functionality to query the config in the Central system and reexpose it to HASS.

The latter causes me some headaches because exposing a set of dummy entites, without feature toggles would result in a crippled and bloaty implementation.

Any advice?

Original config looked like this:

host: xxx
user: xxx


  • platform: teletask
    address: 1
    brightness_address: 1
    name: Socket 1

Where the address and brightness address combined created a definition of capabilities.


Knx Integration migrated to non-platform style too. But we still have no config_flow - it would not bring particular benefits because it is also not discoverable but user has to define addresses.

  host: xxx
  user: xxx
    address: 1

Instead of platform: ...

alright! Will approach it like that! Thanks for the feedback Matthias!


Hey Tiemoowh, I’m busy with reconstruction at a new place I bought (belgium guy) and I’m at a point that I have to decide what to use for system. The electrician want to use Teletask, but have no knowledge of how this system works. Or more important how to implement this with home assistant. I found your addon in the HACS section.

But was wondering how it works, you can for sure read but can you also send and control certain device (like blind ect ect)


Hey Elvis,

Indeed, I’ve created the HACS plugin for this.

At this point, this can switch relays, control dimmers and actuate local or global moods/scenes (my blinds are attached to a motor, the motor is attached to a local mood, so that’s operating perfectly).

Sensors however are not (yet) being read (temperature and lux sensors then).

But for 85-90% of your needs, the HACS will suffice.


thx you for the reply, and sorry for the late reply.
Kinda very busy with the whole reconstruction of the house, and it’s all on a very tide schedule.
But in the meantime went for the Teletask, very happy to see your answer that most of it working :smiley:

Can I help you somehow with the sensors part ?
Temperature is something I would control via Teletask