Telldus Live

How to actually setup Telldus live in 0.59.2. i have


in configuration.yaml. And nothing else?

telldus error

What am i missing? I read somewhere about associating it with my telldus account, how do i actually do that?

You need to go to the telldus website and get the …api keys and tokens

#  public_key: !secret telldus_pub_key
#  private_key: !secret telldus_private_key
#  token: !secret telldus_token
#  token_secret: !secret telldus_token_secret 

go to
and click on generate keys for my user only

BTW in my example above the keys and tokens are commented out as currently I’m not using my telldus live account

This is a bug, I followed the instructions at the end of this

and subsequently was able to add it using the hass configurator. No keys, tokens,…

Did the same thing a couple of days ago. Works perfect now

This is not working.

I followed the vague instructions in the bug report. Today I am using HAssbian and HA 0.60. I have both removed the previous keys from configuration.yaml but I never get to configure Telldus Live. Just the error message. I have also re-generated the keys. Same response.

Is someone getting why this is happening and can gather what needs to be done?