Telldusd not starting on home assistant in docker

I just moved from an ancient py-env install on a raspberry pi unto a new docker based install (2021.9.7) and have issues with getting my Tellstick running.
If I exec into the container I can start the telldusd service manually and everything works just as expected.

Having searched I ran across various solutions of switching from the official docker image or to build and maintain my own both of which I would rather avoid.

I have both my tellstick.conf mounted as well as /dev/bus/usb exposed into the container.

A lot is new for me in the latest release since I have been running such an old version so I am really hoping that there is just some config option or such that I am missing here to get the daemon running.

Anyone else run into this and get it working?

Which of the 3 docker methods are you using? Supervised? HAOS? Or just docker?

Just plain docker, as from the generic x86-64 install docs.

I’m not really migrated yet so this can be altered if needed…

The easiest way might be to use supervised or haos and then you could use the addon.

I will look more into the supervised install but as far as I can tell after a glance of the install script it does not keep everything contained within docker which I would prefer.


Any log errors?

File/folder/device permissions are usually a good place to start with docker after moving files. Not sure but exec into container may be as root so permission issues may be bypassed during manual execute

I don’t think there should be any permission issues causing this as the service in question is the one that comes bundled with home assistant. Previously I was running a stand alone service on my system that was managed by the hosts systemd, so all that has been migrated is the tellstick.conf. And all services in the container seems to run as root too.

But good to check! Wouldn’t have been surprised if it would have been run as nobody or similar.

Yes it does.

True, it does drop permissions to the user and group as specified in the config.

For now I solved it by running this container and connecting to it from home assistant.

Will keep investigating in the future or take the supervised route.