Telling HA to do a reoccurring task

‘Please set the thermostat at 70 at night’
‘Please close the blinds at night around 9PM’
‘Lock all my doors at night around PM also’

Google Home doesn’t have this feature and it sucks having to go into an app or interface to do these types of reoccurring tasks. Most require adjustments too, each requiring going back and manually setting.

If it’s easier to set these then it would really drive up the adoption of automation at home imo

That reminds me of that hilarious scene from Star Trek IV where Scotty talks to the mouse to ask the computer to do something :rofl:

Well, there is Almond, and maybe Genie in the future

Now, it’s not recursive, so you will need your keyboard and mouse to implement them, assuming they are any good (never tried myself, I trust my keyboard more than virtual assistants to create automations)

You’re absolutely right it would. Its closer to the Smart Home concept we all imagine and it would absolutely drive adoption.


Nor does Alexa…

Theres a reason. Yo make this work, you need a voice recognition engine, to understand words then a syntax model to understand sentences then concepts and…

The big hurdle is dealing with ambiguity.
Computers simply dont do that well. Imagine you are the voice assistant and as a computer arent the most creative type and can only follow a rigid set of pre-defined instructions, and in comes your three questions above…

Was the human addressing me or that other human named Alex? Huh? Define Night? What’s ‘Around’ mean? Wait, did you want night or something close to 9pm. Are they the same? (dives dowm the AI rabbit hole)

In short. Thats a rather steep ask. Some of the things you’re asking about are on the edge of what voice recognition is even capable of right now. Granted, it gets better every day, and you’re still a few years away from that on even the the largest platforms

Google and Alexa are constantly asking me to create automatic routines based on my repetitive asks. If every night i am asking google to turn on a light, after couple of days, i see a notification in my phone to setup a routine for this.

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