Tellstick addon and homekit

I have a tellstick duo and the tellstick addon on a Rpi3. I use the homekit integration to expose all tellstick devices to my iPhone.I’ve manually organized the devices into Homekit rooms as I haven’t found a way to let Home Assistant tell Homekit which room a device is in.

Everything works flawlessly with the exception of one “quirk”: Whenever I do a hard reboot after an upgrade Homekit puts all devices in the default room instead of the room I’ve put them in. It is as if the devices are added as new devices instead of recognized as existing ones. This means that I manually have to put them in the correct room (and turn off the Status and Favorite options). While not a big thing it would be nice if Homekit could “remember” the devices.

I also have Google Home integrated and the tellstick devices are “remembered” across cold reboots in Google Home.

I guess it is related so some sort of identifier not being passed correctly between Home Assistant and Homekit. Or it could be that the tellstick addon assigns new identifiers each time i’s cold started. If I do an addon restart everything still works as it should.

Has anyone else had this issue? Can someone point me in the right direction to fix it?