TellStick addon deprecated


Just updated my addons and noticed that there is a deprecation notice for the TellStick addon due to an abandoned library dependency. I’m still actively using the TellStick ecosystem even though I won’t be purchasing any new devices.

I understood from the latest pull request that the decision to deprecate the addon was due to Telldus, the manufacturer, not actively developing the “telldus” library any more and not accepting pull requests. There is an open pull request that fixes the issue the Home Assistant addon developers were facing.

My question is, as the original telldus library repository is no longer active, why not fork it, apply the open pull request to the fork, and continue using that fork with the Home Assistant addon?

Because it will still need to be maintained.
HA does not own libraries like this because they then assume maintenance.

Thanks for the reply! What if I created a fork of the library, would it be possible to switch the Home Assistant addon to use my fork? I don’t anticipate much development work for the library and I would be happy to contribute to the project.