Tellstick Duo and Nexa PIR LMDT-810 motionsensor

Got my Tellstick Duo up and running with a few temp sensors and a nexa switch. It’s been working great with HASSIO. I’ve been struggling with adding a Nexa LMDT-810 motion sensor. It is supposed to pair with a selflearning receiver. When I start the pairing in the LMDT-810, I do get a call with house and unit ( using the nc core-tellstick 50801) . I used these data to set it up as a switch in the tellstick conf.
After that I was expecting to see the signals in (nc core-tellstick 50801) but I’m not getting any data from the motion sensor - it looks like it’s reacting (a red lamp in it blinks when motion is detected). Am I missing something? Do I need to tell the Tellstick something to receive the data? Or do I need to confirm “learning” with device for it to start transmitting.