TellStick installation

Hi! Do I have to install som driver for my tellstick duo on my raspberry pi 3? Or could i only add


in my configuration?

You have to install the Tellstick software

After some google search I found some option. Should i use Telldus as source?

Hi, I used the following page when installing my Tellstick SW on my RPI3. The web-site is in Swedish but you can easily see the commands you need to run. If you need, I can do a quick translation of the essentials into English, just let me know.

Tack! Är från Sverige så guiden passar mig perfekt.

I just bought the telldus znet lite v2, and I have connected this to HA, via the telldus component. I my experience is that the switch signals (from magnetic prox switches) are really slow and doesnt always reset, its actually useless. Is it possible to connect to HA via USB and have the tellstick communicate more deterministic? Is there a guide explaining this ?