Tellstick sensors showing as switches

Hi! Trying to integrate a Tellstick and Telldus thermo-/hygrometer (433Mhz) to HA. My first Tellstick integration. Problem is that sensors are showing as switches in developer tools (switch.insidetemp, switch.outsidetemp). Ids, models and protocols are from Telldus Live sensor details. Where am I taking a wrong turn?

Calling hassio.addon_stdin with {“addon”:“core_tellstick”,“input”:{“function”:“list-sensors”}} returns

[14:19:48] INFO: Read list-sensors / 
[14:19:49] INFO: TellStick list-sensors success -> 

Calling {“addon”:“core_tellstick”,“input”:{“function”:“list”}} returns

[08:29:44] INFO: TellStick list success -> Number of devices: 2
15	InsideTemp	OFF
14	OutsideTemp	OFF

configuration.yaml (I have tried with ‘only_named’ parameter as well, same results)

    host: core-tellstick
    port: [50800, 50801]

  - platform: tellstick
    temperature_scale: "°C"

Tellstick add-on conf

  - id: 15
    name: InsideTemp
    protocol: fineoffset
    model: temperaturehumidity
  - id: 14
    name: OutsideTemp
    protocol: fineoffset
    model: temperature

When I ssh into HassOS and try

nc core-tellstick 50801

Nothing is shown.

Here is add-on log

[20:25:38] INFO: Initialize the tellstick configuration...
[20:25:42] INFO: Exposing sockets and loading service...
[20:25:42] INFO: Starting event listener...
telldusd daemon starting up

I think there should be some information about the tellstick?

Does that mean tellstick is not found?

Ok. Got it resolved with tellduslive integration and choosing local API as integration endpoint.