Tellstick Znet local api via Python

Hello. First post here :slight_smile:
I’m trying out HA and hopefully it will be my choice of home automation software.
I have a Tellstick Znet v2 and got it to work via Telldus Live component.
But I want to use it via the local API (not having to rely on Internet access).
There’s a python script enabling this. I use it on a Windows computer and a Raspberry Pi.
It’s called TDtools and is used something like this: “python --on 33” (Turning on device 33)
I’m guessing it’s possible to run that python script from HA?

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The option to use Tellstick Znet Lite V2 would indeed be very useful, even more so at times like this when Telldus Live is not 100% reliable - tonight has shown 4 hours down so far, and nothing more to update from Telldus than we are putting all resources at it…