Teltonika RUT mqtt config

Hi, I have a Teltonika RUT240 router, and I would like to configure MQTT to view router information on Home Assistant.

This is the information from the router manufacturer:

In the router settings → Mqtt menu, I configured as follows:

In the Mosquitto log, I see that the Teltonika router ( has connected to the Home Assistant’s mqtt broker.

Trying to follow the directions, I created a mqtt sensor like this:

 - platform: mqtt
   name: "Teltonika RUT240 temp"
   state_topic: "router/111887•••••/temperature"

This sensor always provides the “unknown” value…
Can someone help me?

I figured it out! Just in case you’re still stuck - I followed the flow chart on Monitoring via MQTT - Teltonika Networks Wiki and realised that you need to first publish to topic “router/get” the payload “temperature” and your subscriber (Home Asisstant) will recieve the temperature value at your sensor topic above. To do it regularly, just create an automation using the MQTT Publish service to regularly publishes “router/get” “temperature” as above so the routers listening publish their latest temperature.

The slightly longer explanation - first you need to publish to topic “router/get” payload “id” just to make sure you get your id correct - which will be returned on the topic “router/id” with the serial/id as the payload. You can use the general “router/get” above to ask all the routers on the network to publish - but if you just want a response from a single router - you can instead publish to topic “router/111887•••••/temperature” payload “temperature” just to seek an update from that individual router.

Hope that makes sense!

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Hi! Could you give me a complete example of automation? Didn’t you have to create MQTT sensors?
I have no idea how to do it…