Temp of any device


I have several motion sensors and contact sensors which have a thermometer built-in.

I want to create an alert to warn me when any of the sensors detect a temp lower than 14 degrees. Not sure how to format this into the trigger and conditions in the automation screen (no yaml please).

Can anyone advise?

Simplest way - You set up a new automation, in the trigger section choose Numeric State, then select the device in Entity. In the below box enter 14.

Then press Add Trigger to add the other devices in the same way. Any that go under 14 will then trigger this. Dont add any conditions. Add an action like Call Service, Notifications where you can select a device.

Got the numeric state bit - great help, thanks.

But for entity, I want to be alerted if any of my 10 sensors reach 14. Would it work if I put them in a group? Or do I need to do each using an OR condition?

Triggers are OR by default. You can add as many as you like.

You can supply a list of entities for the one trigger too - but maybe not in the automation editor. That has/had an issue with lists of states or entities. This may have been fixed. Not sure, I only use YAML.

You could also use the min max sensor to get the minimum of all your temperature sensors and trigger off that.