Temp sensor for camper

We camp a lot. I was always concerned about our dog in the camper while being gone during the day if the AC would quit. Today I loaded Tastomta on a D1 mini with a temp sensor. I created a virtual HA install on my home server . I setup the the D1mini to send temp updates to the remote HA server and then send out a SMS if the camper temp gets to high. Perfect and cheap.

Things to consider with this project.

  1. You will need some type of internet connection at the camper.
  2. D1 mini and internet should be on battery backup ( i use the usb ports of a laptop) incase AC power goes out.
  3. Since I have my mqtt broker open to the internet, i created an dedicated HA with secure password mqtt broker.

Nice one!

Do you actually send an SMS or a push notification?

I send an text message to my phone . Text message update every 5 minutes while the camper is hot.