TEMPer friendly_name

Hey Guys

I have 2 TEMPer USB sensors pluged in in the same Server.
Now i wanted to change the name of both Devices, unfortunately i just can change the name of the first. The second device gets the same name like the 1st including “_1”

Any suggestions?

Look in your states dev tool (icon at bottom of sidebar of web interface). That’ll list your entity_ids. Those devices will have separate ID’s. Use a customize: block to set friendly names.

And note that customize is a child of homeassistant:
A common mistake is to treat it like its own platform.

I did this, but it doesn’t work :frowning:

     friendly_name: Michu
     entity_picture: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/378800000384596760/b23487e9c7687886bb57f2faaf977642_400x400.jpeg
     friendly_name: Estrich
     friendly_name: Serverschrank

The Device Tracker customisation works perfect.

Hmm. I wonder if there’s an issue with the way you’ve set up the sensors in the first place. It seems odd that they’re showing up as “unnamed_device” in the first place. Could you post your configuration for them?

Ok, it works now
The reason? PEBKAC!
It wasn’t a homeassistant child…
But this does not explain why the tracker worked… Anyway, thanks for the help :slight_smile: