Temperatur forecast graph with two weather providers

I saw a widget showing temperature (forecast?) graphs of open weather and two other weather forecast providers combined in one graph. Assuming it’s not historical data, I would like to know how to realize that.

Perhaps using this Lovelace card:

You mean using the history card for forecasts? - How to configure?

Sorry, I guess I didn’t read the question carefully so I didn’t realized that you were talking g about forecast values. My bad… And I don’t have any weather forecast in my set up at the moment, so I don’t know how those sensors present the forecast data.

Nobody who finds this to be a good idea and to have a solution?

Hey so I made this hacked together card to show buienradar precipitation forecasts (it just plots a graph with chartjs)

Perhaps if you can make a graph with chartjs from your data you can modify this code?