Temperature and humidity sensor only shows temperatures

Hi folks,

Basic info: I’m running ZHA on the EZSP dongle with build 297 firmware.

I recently purchased a cheap temp & humidity sensor on Aliexpress. Supposedly works with Tuya (I don’t have Tuya gateway to test this). Visually it looks like Blitzwolf BW-IS4, even the ID is similar (TY0201). I connected it to HA via ZHA integration like my other devices. However, for some reason it only reports the temperature sensor and not the humidity. Both values are working on the devices’ display.

I looked at the device configuration details and in the Clusters section there’s humidity entry:

RelativeHumidity (Endpoint id: 1, Id: 0x0405, Type: in)

Is there a way to force the humidity sensor to show up as well?

You could check whether it needs a custom device handler.

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Yup apparently I’m not the only one. Thanks!