Temperature announcement is in C when it should be in F

I have an automation that runs on the hour and half hour. It announces the temperature from OpenWeatherMap. However, even though the entity unit of measure is F, it is announced in C degrees. I cant find the correct nomenclature to put into the template to correct this. Here is the template I am using:

message: " The temperature is {{ states(‘sensor.openweathermap_temperature’) | round(0) }} degrees, but it feels like
{{ states(‘sensor.openweathermap_feels_like_temperature’) | round(0) }} degrees."

You can instantly convert it like this if you want:

{{ (float(states(‘sensor.openweathermap_feels_like_temperature’), 0) | multiply(9/5) + int(32)) | round(0) }}

It wont save. Says that template is malformed. Template value should be string …


I got it working.

Os another point. Is there a global setting to set the volume for tts? and if not global can it be set in the template?

I wasn’t thinking, here you go…

{{ (float(states(‘sensor.openweathermap_feels_like_temperature’), 0) | multiply(9/5) + int(32)) | round(0) | string }}

Thanks, its working.
Do you know about setting volume, either globally or in the template?

It really depends on how you do your TTS. For me I use HomePod with Airfoil and it’s an easy SSH to call AppleScript to change volumes on speakers, rooms or groups but it is different for every different type of TTS system.