Temperature averaging with multiple temp sensors

Is there a way to have multiple temp sensors report to one thermostat to have thermostat act on combine value of entire floor?

I’m using helper integration to have an average temperature taken by thermostat and 3 temp sensors how can I have thermostat use that data ?

Yes, two ways actually.

  1. Use a template sensor. Make sure to take into account the availability of the sensors in your calculations, and in the availability attribute of your template sensor.
  2. Use a sensor group, and set the options of the group to do average. Unsure how the availability of the underlying sensors affect the availability and calculations of the group.

Great thank you for replaying. How do I create tamplate sensor? once created how do you tight that in to thermostat to actually use that instead the one built in to the thermostat?

Search on google:

Home assistant template sensor.