Temperature card current temp different from sensor

I have a zwave thermostat that I connected via zwavejs (docker server implimentation). The Temp card indicates the current temp is exactly 50 degrees F lower than both the thermostat sensor entity and the actual thermostat’s read. Any ideas on where the offset is coming from?

Fahrenheit/Celsius issue… :wink:

Yeah, some back of the envelope math said otherwise in my head…multiplying by 5/9s puts it in the range to be rounded up to 23 :sweat_smile:

looks like it’s coming from the thermostat like that, despite it being set to Fahrenheit. From the zwave controller…

Could you point me in the right direction for something like this? Do need to do the conversion in settings and, if so, the main configuration.yaml file or a specific config section for the entity?

I don’t, but hope our Zwave guru @freshcoast may have someting usefull to say :wink:

So I think I figured it out. under zwave devices → thermostat → configure, the value was displaying Fahrenheit (which was expected). Just for giggles I set it to Celsius, which didn’t appear to change anything. However, when I changed it back to Fahrenheit it began displaying correctly.

Best guess is a change was made somewhere along the line and the Home Assistant UI didn’t update appropriately. Switching it back and forth probably updated the value in the back-end allowing it to display appropriately.

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In zwavejsui go to settings / zwave and look for “preferred scales” add Tempersture F in here,

That should fix it,

Note there are several other issues with this thermostat that you will encounter.