Temperature Card with Min and Max values

I found this temperature card somewhere on Pinterest. Unfortunately there where no references to the creator.

How do I get such a card? All I have is a temperature entity in HA…so I expect that I need to create somehow create the min/max values plus the timestamp and the nice looking card.

Or is there an add-on which I can use for this?

Thanks, Carsten
Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-21 um 16.31.49

I think that’s the HACS mini-graph-card which can display min max.


Yes, it’s the custom:mini-graph-card which can be installed via HACS or manually.

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Thanks….okay, found the card in HACS and installed it….however, I have no clue how to get a similar result as I shown in my initial post.

Anyone able to provide me an example?

The one‘s shown in the mini-card-readme don’t really help…

Simple config with your entity, then add

  extrema: true

How do you program the position of the text?

Which text?
In what way do you want to reposition it?
What does it look like now?
What’s your code?

The position of the min max. Is it possible to use x/y-coordinates? I used to have something similar but haven’t used them in some time but thinking of using them again.

type: custom:mini-graph-card
  - entity: sensor.x
name: x
  points: true
  average: true
points_per_hour: 2
hours_to_show: 12
line_width: 9
style: |
  ha-card .states.flex::after {
    content: "d = {{states('sensor.x_derivative')}} {{ state_attr('sensor.x_derivative', 'unit_of_measurement') }}";