Temperature controlled fan

I have a Honeywell QuietSet 16inch stand fan and I can control this via broadlink.
The fan has 5 speed levels, my goal is to use level 1 from 20°C to 23°; level 2 from 23°C to 27°C; level 3 from 27°C to 30°C etc etc.
I have just one button to control the speed, one push, one level up. That means if I want to go from level 3 to level 2 down, I have to push the button 4x (1. level 3->level 4; 2. level 4->level 5; 3. level5->level 1; 4. level1->level2).
How should look like the automation for this?
My first idea was to create a “dummy” entity with 5 “temperature zones”=5 states. The entity should set the status from 1 to 5 depending on the temperature. After that I can use this entity as a trigger. For example from level 3 to level 2 should trigger an action “push 4x the speed button”
How can I create such a dummy entity? Would this work? Any other ideas?

Have you tried search on this forum? I believe you’re not the first person with this type of question :wink:

@AhmadK is right, this has been tackled before. I think the basic idea is to use an input_number to hold the state. https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/input_number/

@AhmadK Yes, I tried search, but I haven’t found the solution for my problem. I have found some controlled fans, but they didn’t help me.

@nickrout Thank you, I have seen this one. My problem is that the input number “allows the user to define values that can be controlled via the frontend”. But I don’t want to control it via the frontend. I want that it is controlled by the temperature values, automatically.
The input select is the same “allows the user to define a list of values that can be selected via the frontend”. I need it without frontend.

let me explain. first of all, all input_xxx are storage containers where you can store your data when HA runs (and they get restored after restart). think of them as of global variables as HA does not provide any.

regarding “control via frontend” - if you don’t expose them in UI, nobody will be able to fiddle with them and still they’ll be available for all your automations. (but it’s still useful to see the values - if you’re really concerned about them being read-only for users, wrap a template sensors around them and in UI you’ll see just text, no editing possible - another HA paradigm here)

hope it makes more sense now. welcome to HA world :wink:

it’s a bit broad and vague. and yes, there are kind souls round here who are happy to solve your problem for you but imho it’s better if you do your bit as well as HA is not designed for consumers, it’s for DIYers if you know what I mean :wink: so don’t expect a ready solution waiting for you somewhere here.

Yes, it makes more sense now. Thank you, I appreciate your help!

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