Temperature conversion from a 3 digit to 2 digit


I have been using home assistant to monitor my home lab and a few other things. I am reading the temps from my pdu and it returns the temp as a 3 digit value. The value matches in developer tools.

This of course shows up as a ~470 F temp.

my sensor config. I tried a few things and it just caused the sensor to not show up anymore.

 - platform: snmp
    name: PDU temp
    accept_errors: true
    #unit_of_measurement: 'C'
    #value_template: '{{ value * 0.10 }}'
    unit_of_measurement: '°C'`

your help is appreciated.


{{ (value | float) * 0.10 }}

Your sensor is almost certainly being returned as a string, you need to convert it before calculating with it.

That did it, thanks.