Temperature graph and (only change of) state recording

Hi, recently i’ve noticed that even though my temperature sensor publics MQTT message with temperature every minute only the changed state is recorded by HASS. This results in somehow not adequate graphs for temperature. The picture below shows what i mean :

I would like to have recorder every step during the day (as blue graph) not only when state changes (red one). I can only add, that for now i have only dht11 sensors which reports only integers - it gives poor resolution.
Can I somehow make HASS to store every value from temp sensors ?

Try adding “force_update: true” to the sensor config. This forces a state change event for every mqtt message even if the value hasn’t changed. Now I haven’t checked to see if the Recorder/History honours those events but I would have thought so. See this thread for some additional context.


Great - thank you :slight_smile: