Temperature monitoring for local Raspberry Pi

We really need a standard local temp/cpu/mem sensor in integrations for the Raspberry Pi.
It’s a bit hit-and-run with the current possibilities, we need a proper integration.

What is wrong with commandline sensors?

vcgencmd measure_temp
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Nothing, but why not just have it as a very simple as an integration. The vcgencmd doesn’t work on my hassio btw. And the cat /… command doesn’t work on 64bit, so a clean integration that works across all RPi platforms (and maybe others) would be preferred as we are getting closer to 1.0

This works for me in hassio,hassbian, docker

- platform: command_line
  name: CPU Temp
  command: "cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp"
  unit_of_measurement: "°C"
  value_template: '{{ "%.2f"|format(value|multiply(0.001)) }}'

Yes, that will work on the 32 bit, but not on the 64 bit, which is why I would like a standard integration.

If you build it, they will come. How do you get temp on 64 bit?

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:smiley: Absolutely, I couldn’t find a value, so I reinstalled it to 32bit, as I wanted the temp measurement for RPi4, that get’s quite hot. Allthough the new case has helped a lot.

What OS are you running?

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HassIO 32bit beta for RPi4, I had it installed as 64bit, but then I couldn’t do the temp monitoring, which is kind of necessary on the RPi4.

There must be something different with the 64 bit kernel config. You could always try

find /sys|grep thermal

to find if it is just somewhere else in the sys tree. Googling didn’t help.

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I’ll try and experiment when I have the time for a reinstall.