Temperature monitoring

I want to set up temperature monitoring with Home Assistant that triggers when the temperature suddenly rises.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to program this.

The scenario looks like this:
The temperature is measured in my drinking water pipe.
As soon as water is tapped anywhere in the house, the temperature in the pipe rises.
In this case, the circulation pump should then be switched on.

It is important here that the detected temperature increase must be a strong one and not a fundamental one.

Can someone help me there?


First, let’s try to quantify what exactly the temperature jump looks like using the recorder and history chart.

Are you trying to detect a jump between sensor readings? E.g. it goes from 55 to 58?

Are you trying to detect a jump over a time interval. e.g. it goes from 55 to 58 over 5 minutes?

I get new measurements every 5 seconds.
It would be good if a temperature increase of 1°C per 10 seconds could be detected for three consecutive 10 second time intervals

The Parameters 1°C and the 10 seconds should be variable

I suggest you explore the possibility of using the Trend integration to detect a sharp upward trend in temperature values.