Temperature plot Celsius Fahrenheit

Hi all, I have been struggling with this for a while now.

I have 3 temps sensors I want to all be plotted together. I have forces them all to be degrees Fahrenheit. The two sensors will plot together but when I add the 3rd, it shows up on its own plot below at degrees C. I can confirm the individual reading from all three sensors are in Fahrenheit. What gives? What am I missing?

Here is them showing F individual

Now when I put them together…

How to I get these three to plot on the same axis?


I had this problem every time I had to delete the HA database, it would usually take 24 hours of data before my temps would all show in F; I could never figure out why.

I know this doesn’t directly help you but it is a problem that has been seen before.

Did anyone ever figure out a fix that doesn’t involve deleting historic data?