Temperature Sensor Addon for Shelly 1/1PM

Hi all, I spotted this devices and wondering if anybody has any experience with it. Unfortunately I did not find any description or manual or such (how it works, figures, setup, how it transfers data, etc.).
If my understanding is correct, it handles 3 sensors and forwards the data with the help of a standard Shelly 1, so for example MQTT. But this is only an “educated guess” from my side…
Temperature Sensor Addon for Shelly 1/1PM

It’s a thermistor temperature sensor, and it sends states to HA the same as any other. Here’s an example config for esphome in case it helps figure out your pinouts for tasmota or whatever you use:

Shellies Discovery supports external sensors for Shelly1/Shelly1PM https://github.com/bieniu/ha-shellies-discovery/releases/tag/0.15.0

Sorry, I don’t get it, and I do not see any description on Shelly’s website :frowning:

  • How to connect the temperature sensors, especially more than one?
  • Is there a limitation in the number of sensors?
  • Is is an option to forward temperature data via MQTT?
  • In the meanwhile, the standard relay function is disabled or still enabled?

Thank you very much guys…

how to set the shelly with the temperature probe in home assistant

Thanks guys for the replies, I ordered one. I will let you know about the details as soon as I have installed it.

Oh I thought you meant something else. Interesting there is an external thermistor option. I’m also curious to see how that works.

Just looked the temperature sensor addon. Looks like it uses the 3v3, gnd, and probably gpio3 or 1 for Dallas sensors… with may e some safety from mains voltage built in? If you use esphome or similar, you could add several sensors to the 1 wire bus. Not sure about the shelly firmware support for it though… since I flashed my 1pm’s before powering them up the first time. Be cool if a pop up shows on the web page when you plug it in.

Okay, so I managed to build this together. You simply connect the wires (color coded) and it works. It sends temperature data via MQTT and also shows it in the Shelly interface. The relay itself operates normally in the meanwhile.

Shelly says it is a DS18B20. If this is correct then - in theory - you have 16 bits to address the sensors, so you are able to connect ~65000 sensors to one Shelly. :slight_smile:
The standard Shelly package was shipped with 3 sensors but I’d like to add ~10 more.

Did somebody try to connect more than 3 sensors?

Hi there! Noob question so please bear with me…
Several videos and write-ups advise that the AC Neutral and GND pin on the Shelly are joined (not isolated ) therefore making it impossible to use additional sensors or such.

I am missing some basic physics here but would appreciate some guidance to get this clear in my head as I wanted to hack a few BW-SS1 relays which have a similar AC N leg and GND issue.
Please see my similar request in the comments section here…

Shelly support said that they are not planning to have more than 3 sensors for now, which is bad, because I thought I will have a good “out of the box” solution (minimal effort). :frowning:
I most likely need to workout something else for this, maybe something based on Arduino.


I have connected everything, 1 sensor to Shelly 1 with the Addon module, but nothing happens :open_mouth:

A bit old but hopefully some one sees it.
It appears like the Shelly Plus 1PM with the add-on module has now support for 5 temperature sensors.
Shelly does show them all like the manual says but HA only show’s 3. How to solve this?