Temperature Sensor Addon for Shelly 1/1PM

Hi all, I spotted this devices and wondering if anybody has any experience with it. Unfortunately I did not find any description or manual or such (how it works, figures, setup, how it transfers data, etc.).
If my understanding is correct, it handles 3 sensors and forwards the data with the help of a standard Shelly 1, so for example MQTT. But this is only an “educated guess” from my side…
Temperature Sensor Addon for Shelly 1/1PM

It’s a thermistor temperature sensor, and it sends states to HA the same as any other. Here’s an example config for esphome in case it helps figure out your pinouts for tasmota or whatever you use:

Shellies Discovery supports external sensors for Shelly1/Shelly1PM https://github.com/bieniu/ha-shellies-discovery/releases/tag/0.15.0

Sorry, I don’t get it, and I do not see any description on Shelly’s website :frowning:

  • How to connect the temperature sensors, especially more than one?
  • Is there a limitation in the number of sensors?
  • Is is an option to forward temperature data via MQTT?
  • In the meanwhile, the standard relay function is disabled or still enabled?

Thank you very much guys…

how to set the shelly with the temperature probe in home assistant

Thanks guys for the replies, I ordered one. I will let you know about the details as soon as I have installed it.