Temperature Sensor for outside


I want to add the outside temperature (and possibly humidity) to my HA setup. While I am aware of the possibility of just grabbing some open weather data from my city, I want to have accurate readings from specific areas around the house. Also, there is not heating system that comes with any included sensory that I could grab. Hence I am searching for a temperature sensor, ideally with a humidity sensors included.

It needs to bring the following:

  • Wireless, battery operated (no option to have any cables (power or network) at mounting location)
  • Small, wall-mountable (5x5 cm tops)
  • Weather-proof, i.e. ip68 (will be mounted / operated in the open without any shielding from rain/wind/sun)
  • Integration with HA via Zigbee/Wifi/… (will be integrated into HA network)

Reading stuff on the Internet only yields indoor sensors or highly professional equipment with costs in the hundreds.

Is there a good sensor that would cover all my needs?

I have one of these:

It’s zigbee and has a temperature sensor in it, as well as Illuminance. Sometimes the temp it reports seems high.

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I actually use the Aqara Temp and Humidity sensors outdoors, but I put them in places where they won’t get affected by rain (so under an eave, or some place similar to that). They are Zigbee and have worked really well in all sorts of weather.

I’ve had good luck with this and it’s pretty inexpensive:


Thanks for the advice. Its anyhow too large (should have specified max size specs before)

The sensors will be directly exposed to rain, no option of hiding it in/under something. That’s the why for the waterproof requirement

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into this one!

Ah, gotcha. Yeah, then the “best” one is the Hue outdoor sensor. I always find it strange that Zigbee manufacturers don’t seem to care about outdoor sensors as much.

The other thing might be to go with an actual weather station as well.

If I may bring something different to the table. :smiley:

I’ve been battling with such a temp sensor for years, and last year I stumbled upon something different, that might work for you as well.

A weather station with external sensors connected via Tuya. :slight_smile:

You can get an expanded version with outside sensors like windspeed and such as well.

Both are available for a lot less, if you take a look around. I bought the smaller one for 25.-€ +shipping last year here in Germany. And you can add up to seven outside sensors from them. Waterproof, tested, calibrated - everything one needs.

With such a weather station, you don’t have to care about sensors, you just get the data from the station, the rest is with the guys from Bresser. :smiley:

For inside, the Aqaras are my favourite, I use ten or eleven of them. But for outside I was so annoyed, I just wanted it done, and the Bresser came to the rescue (because I stumbled over a deal with a very good discount).

Might be worth a thought. :slight_smile:


Oh c’mon @code-in-progress , you beat me to it :rofl: :rofl: AGAIN :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I have the SwitchBot Bluetooth one, works fine. It’s a bit too far from my HA machine (Raspberry Pi 5) so I have a Bluetooth Proxy in the middle.

I use an Inkbird in my freezer. Used to state it is waterproof, strangely enough the website no longer lists that. But it is very reliable in my freezer. A bit larger than Aqara but certainly more accurate and better built. Only thing it is bluetooth, so you may beed an esp bluetooth proxy nearby. But the signal is strong enough to escape my rvs freezer.
INKBIRD Temperature and Humidity Hygrometer Smart Sensor IBS-TH2.
I now see they also have wifi ones, not sure if HA supports it though:
INKBIRD WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor IBS-TH3

i have this one (89€ i think some months ago) and i’m satisfied, local access, outside sensors are also quite well built and not power hungry, honestly for the price it’s hard to find something better.
If only they put the option of turning off the display light of the base LOL

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I just installed a weather station and never looked back. I get Lux to control when lights are enabled. I have lightning warning. I know when it starts raining to get my packages off the deck and the windows closed. It is worth the price. I have an Ecowitt and can give you more info on my install if you want it.

Any one of the 3 versions of RuuviTag Pro Wireless Sensor - Ruuvi will definitely be able to handle exterior conditions without breaking, however it will need some shielding for accurate measurements. You will need to avoid direct sunlight, but even sunlight falling on a shield seems to affect readings. It also needs good airflow, so beware of tucking it away under eaves, etc.

The HA integration: RuuviTag BLE - Home Assistant.