Temperature sensor

does any know how to transfere a temperature from etc. yr sensor to another sensor device etc sensor.temperature.
I have both sensors in my HA, i want to send the temperature -1.7 to the sensor showing 25


I’m a bit confused as to why you’d want to do this, where does the sensor showing 25 get its data from?

If you just want the yr sensor renamed you can do this using customize.

If you actually want the reading in a different sensor for some reason you can set up a template sensor.

The sensor on 25 is coming from a heating system and is a outdoor temperature that will change when i attach a wired outdoor sensor, but i want to replace it with the yr temperature showing -1.7

What do you want to do with the Yr sensor? You can’t replace a sensor value with another, you’ll have to hide the unwanted one and rename the wanted one (although you can’t give it exactly the same name as the hidden one) or create a template sensor.

I want to write the sensor value coming from YR sensor to my temperature sensor, which is a outdoor temperature input for a heating system

What kind of outdoor sensor does the heating system use? DS18B20, PT100, PT1000 or something else? What hardware do you have available?

It is a sensor on my IHC, the system have it´s own sensors for temperature, it is defined as a sensor in the HA

Are you sure that the IHC component supports sending values, not only receiving? I can’t find anything in the documentation that suggests that it does.

And even more important, are you sure that your heater supports this? If so, what protocol does it use?

You can’t write directly to the temperature sensor. It is a read only value reported to Home Assistant.

What you can do is write an automation that uses the ihc temperature sensor (or the yr sensor) to control the ihc heater switch.

I got a solution for this and it looks like this in my automation.yaml file:

  • alias: temperature
    • platform: event
      event_type: state_changed
      entity_id: sensor.weather_temperature
  • alias: Temperature
    service: ihc.set_runtime_value_float
    ihc_id: xxxxxxxx
    value: ‘{{ states.sensor.weather_temperature.state }}’