Temperature sensors / increasing IP adresses

Hi there!

A lot of topics going about temperature sensors already. And a lot of them talk about the ESP8266 in combination with the DHT11/DHT22.
I’ve even ordred a few of them to configure and place them in every room to make some temp readings. I should need 7 of them in total then.

But the problem is, IP-adresses are growing really fast this way. Already having integrated a lot of device into HASS, with all their own IP’s

A way to reduce them would be to use somekind of hubs which can work with compatible temperature sensors. Like I’m using MiLight hubs for the lights.
Annyone has some recommendations for hubs like this? Not all to expensive please and which can be integrated into HASS :slight_smile:

Or are there possibilities splitting up the network over 2 routers? And then using one of them for only HASS and all home automation devices? Not sure an just wondering :slight_smile: