Temperature values weird jumps in apexchart, not in history

Good day everyone,

I have a question about something I have observed recently one some of my temperature sensors (zigbee aqara ambiance multisensor).
On my dahsboard, I trace the temperature history using apexchart, and I observed unrealistic jumps of value, which are screwing the scale of the chart.


For example, the VMC(+ heater) out sensor has jumps until 200°C and above (impossible).

When looking more in detail in the HA history of one of this sensor, the jumps do not appear anywhere…
Here is the example of my VMC+heater air outlet, always between 10° and 30°C, normal in this case.

Is is an artifact of apexchart? How to circumvent it?
Any explaination ideas?
Normally, the sensor battery is fine…

Thanks for your ideas


HAOS on a Proxmox VM.
Z2M and MQTT as addons