Template and Binary Template sensor configuration from UI?

I wonder if there any plans on to add/move configuration of Template Sensors and Binary Template sensors into the UI configuration section. A lot of things are being integrated/moved into the UI and the need for yaml are dwindling. I use large numbers of template sensors and it would be nice to reduce the number of restarts that is needed now with every change i make to the sensors. If this is already implemented, please point me in the right direction and apologies for this question. Does anyone know? Are there more of you out there feeling the need for this?
Im running 0.113.
Best regards, Patrik


I’m feeling the need to be able to reload sensors without a full restart, and no objections to adding more capability to the UI, but no yearning at all to encourage any move away from being able to use YAML :grin:.

I was wondering this too. I’d love to be able to create/edit these in the UI instead of having to drop in to a text editor each time.

Yes, me too! Would really value this. To be honest sometimes the hassle of editing configuration.yaml, rebooting and debugging mostly blind just takes too much time to be worth it.