Template bank - A place to find templates

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This is a question, or a suggestion for the more experienced users of the community;

  • Is there not a bank of templates for us users that really really want to use Home Assistant, but dont have the “coding brain”?

If not, could we start a thread or a wiki for card templates? To achieve such a bank, it would be needed to placed near where all the good stuff happens, and I reccon that place is here…

I’m really struggling with yaml, CSS, HA-coding and with maximum 1h per week at the computer (due to kids :slight_smile: ) But, I really want to implement that “special feeling” that I could get with HA; the custom cards and buttons (and I want to tailor it to my family)

Best regards from a HA loving father with zero time to lear coding

Yes, I’ve seen that page. And it’s great for us purposes.

I’m thinking more in the way of a place for forum users to upload their templates and others to be able to download them easily.

And in that i suppose many requests for help would be mitigated also.

bump please do this

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