Template Condition for x Seconds before Condition is meet

i am not quite sure if this is possible at all but maybe does have an idea or a work around.

Basically i want to monitor the temperatur of my heating boiler
Like this is the current temperatur and this is the “should” be temperature.

i made a automation where any time the current temperature changes it checks if it less then 8 degress to the taget temperature:

value_template: >-
  {{ states('sensor.daikin_sollwert_brauchwasser') | float - 8 >= 
  states('sensor.daikin_istwert_brauchwasser') | float }}

But only if the value is like that for over 10 minuntes.
The Reason is, otherwise a get every 5-10 seconds a message as new informations are arriving
I tried to work with

 hours: 0 
 minutes: 10
 seconds: 0

But this does not work.

This would be (a part) of the automation i am currently using:

alias: home stuff
description: home stuff
  - platform: state
      - sensor.daikin_istwert_brauchwasser
    id: istwert_brauchwasser_aenderung
condition: []
  - choose:
      - conditions:
          - condition: trigger
              - istwert_brauchwasser_aenderung
          - alias: current temperatur more then 8 degress lower then target temperatur
            condition: template
            value_template: >-
              {{ states('sensor.daikin_sollwert_brauchwasser') | float - 8 >= 
              states('sensor.daikin_istwert_brauchwasser') | float }}
          - service: notify.telegram_xxx
            metadata: {}
              title: Daikin - Wärmepumpenstatus
              message: >-
                Beim Brauchwasser gibt es ein Problem. Der Sollwert beträgt
                {{states('sensor.daikin_sollwert_brauchwasser')}}°C  die
                Temperatur vom Brauchwasser ist aber nur
                {{states('sensor.daikin_istwert_brauchwasser') }}°C.
mode: single

Maybe i need to move the condition kind of the the trigger ?

Thanks for you help !

Use either a Template trigger or Numeric state trigger with a value template. Both of those can use a duration.

Yes, thats it… as simple as that.
I was just not thinking this way around.

SO i just created the template sensor

- platform: template
      value_template: >-
              {{ states('sensor.daikin_sollwert_brauchwasser') | float - 
              states('sensor.daikin_istwert_brauchwasser') | float }}

An then a action numeric state trigger.

Thanks !