Template for a ir ac set temperature vs current temperature

Looking for a template sensor to compare the set temperature of a IR AC climate entity vs the current temp. Looking to write a automation to turn off / on the ac when the room temp is below or above the set point

These are my entity names


current_temperature: 69.4
temperature: 75.2

its a IR AC climate in esphome, and the ac fan runs all the time in cool setting, so want to turn off when the set point gets a certain point below.


  • “off”
  • heat_cool
  • cool
  • fan_only
  • dry
    min_temp: 61
    max_temp: 81
    target_temp_step: 0.1
  • auto
  • low
  • medium
  • high
  • “off”
  • vertical
    current_temperature: 74.5
    temperature: 75
    fan_mode: auto
    swing_mode: “off”
    friendly_name: Bedroom AC
    supported_features: 425

these are its State attributes, have a few template sensors that compare 2 temp sensors, but can figure out how to get State attributes in to a template