Template for [email protected][your user].service

Installed home assistant in python virtual environment.

Need autostart of hassio with the web UI of home assistant to call services of various components.

Tried creating the following template:

But there is no [email protected][your user].service present in my linux file system.

Kindly let me know where to add this template to get hassio tab alongwith the home assistant.

Hass.io is autostarted by default as it doen’t depend on systemd. Read the documentation!

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He’s using a venv, not Hass.io.

OP, you ne e to create that file.

and I don’t think he understands there is no hassio tab in home assistant that isn’t running on hassio.

‘this template’ has nothing to do with hassio tab

@flamingm0e @marthocoo

I got it.

The configuration files are present in the hidden directory created by the name .homeassistant.

Hassio is automatically picking up the configurations from there and automatically getting started alongwith home assistant.

There is no need for the hassio tab to be visible on the web UI.


Let’s get this in the clear.

Are you running HASSIO or Home Assistant manually installed in python, or Hassbian?


We are running home assistant in python virtual environment which is auto starting hass with it.

This has 100% nothing to do with hassio then. The hassio tab will never show up in this configuration.


Yeah . Exactly. I got it now.