Template for Hue command_line sensor

trying a cl sensor to circumvent json/rest errors in the logs and system I’ve set it up like below, but to won’t get a state…
what do i need to change to make it a working sensor, please have a look?

- platform: command_line
  name: Driveway reachable cl
  command: curl X GET http://ip/api/key/lights/12/
  value_template: '{{value_json.state.reachable}}'

nevermind, got a value after a reboot…

somehow this sensor won’t customize as i want it to:

    rgb_color: "if (state === 'True') return [192, 39, 30]; else return [54, 95, 140];"
    icon: "if (state === 'True') return 'mdi:lightbulb-on';
                            else return 'mdi:lightbulb-on-outline';"
    _stateDisplay: if (state === 'True') return 'On'; else return 'Off';

doesnt work as expected, should i format it on another way?
it doesnt take the True (which it is) and returns the False setting.


{{states.sensor.driveway_reachable.state}} gives True, and

{% if is_state('sensor.driveway_reachable', 'True') %} On
{% else %} 
{% endif %}

renders On fine.