Template help for custom attributes with array

So I have been working on pulling a list of connected devices from my Google Wifi route. I have gotten the data to display something like this…

  "attributes": { 
    "devices": [ 
      { "station_state_update" : { "station_info": { "connected":true, "station_id" : "ASDF1234" } } },
      { "station_state_update" : { "station_info": { "connected":true, "station_id" : "LJKJ1234" } } }

I can’t control that much of the output from the access point but I have been able to post the data to Home Assistant without issue. Now I am trying to work on displaying the connected devices. I can build a template like this…

{% for device in states.sensor.google_wifi.attributes.devices -%}
    {% set item = device.station_state_update.station_info %}
    Connected : {{ item.connected }}
    Device ID : {{ item.station_id }}
{%- endfor %}

I’m not sure how to dynamically display the connected information in a card. I don’t want to have to create a sensor for each connected device. I have been trying to look around to see what other people have been doing.

Any ideas?