Template help needed - Climate entity won't return Target Temperature

Hi there. I am currently writing a custom template to control my Nest thermostat.
The code…

{{state_attr('climate.hallway', 'current_temperature')}}

…returns the current temperature, as expected. However, if I try to get the target temperature with…

{{state_attr('climate.hallway', 'target_temperature')}}

…it returns nothing!

I did a little testing - all the other attributes return fine, and none of my other climate devices return a Target Temperature either.

According to this documentation I have the correct attribute name… any clues as to what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I think the target temperature ends up in ‘temperature’.

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That is correct.

Look in Developer Tools → States, right hand column next to your climate entity.

Thanks! That is really frustrating - is there any way to get the documentation fixed? :rofl:

You linked to the developer docs. That is not what you should be using, this is:

Ah… good to know. The dev docs were the first thing that Google spat out when I started investigating. Pesky Google. :sunglasses: